Frequently Asked Questions


What is Battlebound?
Battlebound is an online, multiplayer competitive card game with inspiration from popular games Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Hearthstone. Battlebound players collect, earn, and win cards and assemble these cards into awe-inspiring decks that are used in online, multiplayer battles. Unlike traditional games and with the help of the Ethereum blockchain, Battlebound brings two dreams of card game players to life: provable card rarity and real card trading.
Besides the use of blockchain, how is Battlebound different than other card games?
Battlebound features cards that can gain experience from battles and level up four times. Each time a card levels up, some of its core stats and abilities increase. This brings a new meaning to “the heart of the cards”: as you find unique ways to defeat your opponents with your cards they will grow stronger with you.
What was the inspiration for Battlebound?
Inspiration for Battlebound comes from Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Hearthstone - especially the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and its concept of rare cards in an international competitive card game. A future feature we are excited to bring to Battlebound is the wager match: each player wages an agreed upon card over a duel and the winner walks away with the waged cards.
What is the grand vision of Battlebound?
The grand vision of Battlebound is to increase blockchain adoption by bringing a blockchain-backed multiplayer competitive card game to both blockchain and non-blockchain players all around the world. Non-blockchain players will become more familiar with blockchain through the game - this will lead to greater blockchain adoption.


Is Battlebound completely trustless?
No, Battlebound is not completely trustless. As in traditional games, players trust the Battlebound team to judiciously introduce new cards to the game and not arbitrarily change battle rules. Players also trust the Battlebound team to host game servers, push useful updates to the game, etc. Remember, the trustless aspect of Battlebound is the provable rarity and trustless ownership of rare cards. This means that even though new cards can be introduced to the game, old cards can never be minted again once they reach their max supply.
Why should I trust the Battlebound team to not violate my trust?
The Battlebound team is incredibly committed to the vision of bringing a blockchain-backed game to players around the world. This vision will only be successful by listening to the player community and earning their trust - we completely understand this and will work hard to earn player trust. In addition, from an economic standpoint Battlebound will only survive as a business if players play and trust it, so just like you can trust bitcoin mining due to economic forces, you can trust Battlebound the same way.


What technologies is Battlebound built with?
The Battlebound game is built with Unity, an industry standard game development system that allows Battlebound to boast stunning graphics and user experience. The Battlebound game servers run on the Amazon cloud through Amazon’s GameSparks platform.
Is the technology behind Battlebound patent pending?
Yes. Battlebound patent pending legal protection for the hybrid centralized-decentralized architecture that power the game. This includes the various components of our system, including but not limited to the use of both the blockchain and traditional servers and the feature of having a hot wallet in the application.
What properties of the blockchain does Battlebound use?
We believe that at this time (Q3 2018) the blockchain is useful for two properties: provable rarity and trustless ownership. Battlebound will use both of these properties and nothing else. All cards above a certain rarity (more on rarity below) will be backed by the blockchain and have provable rarity. You can think of this as “There are only four Blue Eyes White Dragons in the world”, except that it would be true in real life and not just in an anime. These same cards would be owned by blockchain wallets in a trustless manner, allowing their owners to own and trade these cards with zero intervention by the Battlebound team.
How does Battlebound get around Ethereum scalability issues?
Players will only transact on the Ethereum network when trading their blockchain-backed cards. All other aspects of gameplay (battle, deck building, etc) runs off-chain against traditional game servers. This means Battlebound does not have to worry about Ethereum scalability issues and boasts real-time multiplayer gameplay indistinguishable from other popular games.
What does it mean to have a hot wallet in the game?
A hot wallet refers to a blockchain wallet on your device that can connect to the internet and perform transactions. The Battlebound application has a hot wallet in it, so you can trade your blockchain-backed cards right out of the application - without the need for a third-party wallet provider like MetaMask, Trustwallet, etc. We believe this is incredibly important for onboarding players with no blockchain experience. Note that even though there is a hot wallet in the game, your private key *never* leaves your device (the industry standard practice like MetaMask, Trustwallet, etc). Your private key is also secured by a password in case you lose your device.
Will I be able to import an existing wallet into the Battlebound application?
Yes! You will be able to import any 12-word mnemonic into the application. For example, you can create a new Ethereum account with MetaMask during the presale and import it into the game after the presale.
How much blockchain experience do I need to play the game?
Next to none. With a hot wallet in the Battlebound application, the only user experience difference between Battlebound and traditional non-blockchain games is this: players will be asked to write down a 12-word mnemonic as a backup of their hot wallet when they create a wallet. That’s it - everything else will be exactly like traditional games.


When will I be able to play?
Battlebound will launch in public beta mode approximately one week after the presale ends.
How much of the game is ready to play?
The Battlebound application is 90% ready to play. Unlike other blockchain related projects, we finished the core prototype of the product before our presale: we believe it is only right to our early adopters to presale a working product. All the core functionality - real-time online battle, deck building, and trading on the blockchain - is ready to go. During the presale period, we will be polishing the last 10% of the game in anticipation of the private and public betas.
What are the different card rarities?
There are six tiers of card rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Cosmic. Only common and uncommon cards will be untradable and not backed by the blockchain.
Where will I be able to trade cards?
You will be able to trade cards directly in the game through a marketplace interface we provide. You will also be able to trade your cards on third party marketplaces such as Rare Bits and Open Sea since your cards are provably yours on the blockchain.
Will there be a free-to-play version?
Yes, any player can play Battlebound for free. New players will start with a starter deck of semi-random common and uncommon cards. We believe this is important to onboard players with no blockchain experience to the blockchain space.
What devices will Battlebound be available for?
Battlebound will initially launch as a stand-alone desktop application. Within a month of initial launch, Battlebound will also become available as a mobile application with all the same features as the desktop version.